Episode 8 – Non-Profit Spotlight: Grassroots Leadership and Undocumented Immigrant Detention and Deportation

Hello all!

In this episode we discuss how a local group called Grassroots Leadership is fighting back against the detention and deportation of immigrants in Texas. If you want to help their efforts and are bilingual (Spn/Eng), they could really use your help!

Grassroots Leadership’s website: http://grassrootsleadership.org/

Grassroots Leadership volunteer application: http://grassrootsleadership.org/volunteer-sign-form

Remember, if you are a PSR member interested in running for political office, please email Jinny at candidates@pantsuitrepublic.com so you can use PSR’s large FB community as a way to get out your message and help get you into office!

If you’re interested in volunteering for PSR’s Texas Legislative Committee’s Texas Senator Tracking Sheet, please email tracklegislators@pantsuitrepublic.com.

Committee Hearing for Senate Bill 6 Info (aka, Texas’ transphobic “bathroom bill”):

Tuesday, March 7th at 8 am, in room E1.012 at the State Capitol in Austin

Tips for testifying against this bill:

    1. Write out your testimony and print out 20 copies. If you provide statistics, include citations in the written text. Practice and time yourself. You will only have 2 minutes to testify.
    2. Try to be at the hearing when it starts. Start your testimony by addressing the committee chair and members and identifying yourself and your position on the bill. For example: “Madam Chair, and members of the committee, my name is (NAME) from (BUSINESS NAME or ORGANIZATION, if applicable) in (CITY) and I’m here to testify in opposition to SB 6.”
    3. Be prepared for the committee members to ask you questions. When you hear a beep, warning you that you have one minute left, make your most important point and wrap up. At the second beep, finish your sentence and stop or ask the chair if you may finish.
    4. Persons with disabilities or in need of interpreters for persons who are deaf or hearing impaired, readers, large print or braille, are requested to contact the Senate Committee Coordinator at 463-0070 or TDD 475-3758 72 hours prior to the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Keep resisting and keep fighting to make Texas a better place!

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