Sunday Update 1/29/2017

Hello, dear Pantsuiters of the Lonestar State!

Here is your Sunday update from your friendly admin team. This week, We’ll be focusing on the following:

-PSR Website: It’s up, it’s awesome, please register!
-PSR-backed candidates: Rules for posting on our Facebook page
-Precinct Chair Project: Looking for updates and we have a new tool for politically-inclined members living in rural areas.
-Your friendly PSR admin team is looking for feedback on how we’re doing!
– PSR Podcast: What to expect from this week’s episode(s) and call for personal narratives
-Self-Care: Some resources

Our website guru, administrator, and all-around awesome human being Joseph has the PSR website up and running! If you haven’t already, please give us a visit and consider joining! It’s free and gives you access to our weekly newsletter, which will feature our calls to action all in one place and keep you abreast of our new and ongoing activities – because we have so many active members on our FB page information can get lost quickly. Joining us via the website will condense the important information into one handy email. Here’s the address:

Our admin and Wonder Woman Jinny not only moderates our public FB page and is pulling together our Storytelling Event, but is also organizing PSR resources for our members who are interested in running for public office in Texas! She has put together some rules for posts on our Facebook page involving political candidates, which you can find under the ‘Files’ tab at the top of the page. These rules apply to EVERYONE, not just candidates. BEFORE A CANDIDATE POSTS – you must contact Jinny with your information. Otherwise the post will not be approved.

Another member of the admin team, the indefatigable and inspiring Tawnya is running our Precinct Chair Initiative, and is looking for feedback from you! Voter turnout is CRITICAL in 2018, and we need to involve ourselves in our parties’ resources to increase voter turnout to support progressive candidates. Please DM Tawnya with your feedback.

Speaking of outreach, we have a new resource for politically-minded PSR members who live in rural areas. “Project: Rural Community Involvement” is a closed group on FB run by Ted, with the following description: “The intent of this group is to promote open discussion between those motivated in becoming an elected official in the communities with which they live. The idea is to exchange information and ideas that can be beneficial for the progressive candidate’s election campaign in the pursuit of serving their community as an elected official.” You can find/join the group here:

Your friendly PSR Admin Team is looking for your feedback on how we’re doing! Is there something about this organization you find particularly helpful and would like to encourage more of? Is there something we could be handling differently? Please email us at and put #psrfeedback in the subject line. We accept confidential feedback as well, there is no obligation to identify yourself (just make sure your email address doesn’t automatically do so for you!)

I myself head up the PSR Podcast, and this week we continue with our series on reproductive rights and health in Texas, our own Susan Harper leading a segment on access to birth control and sex education. We release new episodes every Friday, and you can listen on the PSR webpage or subscribe on iTunes ( If you would like to share a personal narrative, anonymously or identified by name, please PM me here on FB or email us at

Finally, an important note on self-care. Many of us have thrown ourselves into political and social activism with PSR and other organizations since November 9th of 2016. We here at PSR want to encourage our members to remember to take some time for self-care. As we like to say, it’s a marathon not a sprint. To help with this, I’ll include some resources in the comments below. PSR’s Michelann will also address this issue via a special bonus interview for the PSR Podcast this week, followed by a webinar on the subject, available on the PSR website. Please join us for either or both!

Okay, that’s all for now! Wishing all of you strength, love, and courage. Keep fighting, and don’t forget to care for yourself and your loved ones!

In solidarity and <3,