Sunday Update 1/22/17

Hello Pantsuit Republic!

– Empower yourself politically by running for office, learning about your precinct, and speaking up about the U.S. cabinet nominations.
– PSR Podcast wants to hear your stories.
– Get involved with one of our 4 issue areas.
– Women’s March

** Political Empowerment **
Since I’ve got your attention, I just want to remind everyone that I’m here to help anyone who is running or *thinking* about running for an office. Interested? You can send an email to

Your Political Empowerment Committee organizer, is running a campaign to encourage you to familiarize yourself with your Precinct Chair or even become a Precinct Chair! Do it!

Another thing you can do is contact your U.S. Capitol Switchboard to voice your opinions, especially about the nominations. Here’s the number: 202-224-3121. They can patch you through to your legislators; they’ll even look them up for you using your zip code.

Follow up on those calls with office visits to Members of Congress! January 24th is a national day of action in coordination with MoveOn and Indivisible. Descend upon those offices in groups and let them know you don’t approve of Trump’s nominees and that we demand that they make the right decisions on these matters!
Stay tuned for details!”

** Podcast **
Your Podcast ringmaster, wants everyone to know that the second podcast is now up! Protesting and the ACLU of Texas are the stars of this show.

And if you want to send your personal narrative to, we’re all ears!

** PSR Issues **
Get involved with one of our 4 issue areas! Sign up under “Join Us” for more!

** Women’s March **
Much love to all the marchers and ralliers and supporters! The turnout was amazing and it was so touching to see everyone’s stories, photos, and videos!