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Good Sunday Afternoon, Pantsuit Republic!

Topics in this post include: Austin March, PSR Podcast, Candidate Search, and Storytelling, SXSW Event, and a Committee introduction!

***Women’s March on Austin – Saturday, January 21***


Our votes didn’t get us the result we were hoping for on Inauguration day. But our VOICES will be heard, and our PRESENCE will be known the day after. If you can, please join us in Austin. If there is a march in your city, please go!

Make some signs. Buy your PSR swag (Hurry—today is the deadline.) and represent!

Friends, this march… this march will be SO inspiring! Just imagine the energy, purpose, and excitement of this FB space, writ large! Yeah! #howarddeanscream

I may not have an opportunity to speak at the march. But I, and the other Admins, hope to meet as many of you as we can. Assemble with us at 11:00 a.m. on the southeast side of the Capitol building: 1100 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701.

Tag your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts with #psrmarchatx.

Share your “after the march” buzz with us at 3:30 p.m. at Scholz Garten. It is two blocks north of the Capitol building: 1607 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78701.

Our Podcast team has been working hard on our first podcast episode, “TX Politics 101.” We will post it on our Web site tomorrow. Emily wants to share your story! Of particular interest right now: 1) Reproductive Rights: Access to family planning services, including sex education, prenatal, labor/delivery, postnatal care, abortion 2) Child Safety and 3) LGBTQ+ Reproductive Rights. Submit your 3-minute max narrative to We accept recorded or written submissions. You can opt to be identified by name and local PSR-affiliated chapter or remain anonymous.

If you’ve expressed interest in running for office, you should have received a Google intake form from our Candidate wrangler. If you haven’t, please message her again. Accept her friend request to see her reply. Or you can email

Thespians and stage crew! Jinny is also putting together a Storytelling Team for an upcoming event in the Austin area. She is looking for experienced stage actors, directors, and street team members who are located in Austin. Additionally, she needs experienced PR and event planners located anywhere in Texas. Email

We have garnered us a presence at SXSW, taking place in Austin, from March 10-19!

Power and Perils of Digital Activism Meet Up: We cannot dispute the powerful role of digital activism in modern social movements. However, for enduring change, deeply personal connections must be forged. Threaded online discussion of deep and difficult topics is fraught. Engines like FB, or more notoriously, Reddit, tend to skew towards the negative. To surmount these constraints, we bring people together offline, which is always preferred. When this is impractical, using multimedia implements such as video conferencing, allows us to craft in our minds the image of a whole person and to level the walls more effectively that are erected by race, class, religion, geography, age, ability, gender, sexual orientation or any number of distinct life experiences. Join colleagues in digital activism for a lively discussion! PSR will offer new insights to eschew echo chambers and to trade the fashionably inflammatory 140-character miasma for real conversations as the substrate for change.

More details to come!

Per our Political Action Committee, we believe that the foundation of political empowerment is civic education. We believe that if you have a strong understanding of government structure, procedure, and processes, you will be more politically active.

We believe that an educated and engaged citizen is more likely to:
• cast an informed vote in every election and help persuade others to vote
• support candidates and local party affiliates
• support like-minded activist organizations
• follow the Texas Legislature
• run for office

From the municipal and city level through to the Texas Legislature, your voice and your vote matters!

Therefore, PSR will coordinate with all organized subchapters to make progressive changes at the city and county levels, as well as maintain a reciprocal relationship of support for progressive campaigns across all levels of Texas government.

We will share campaigns and calls to action that can be implemented at your chapter level or in your city. So, if you are interested in putting into effect the ideas that we share or have civic education and empowerment ideas of your own, please ask your local chapter how you can help.

We will also share information and links to ally organizations and political offices on our Web site,

Check in tomorrow—we are launching our first campaign!

Change begins with us!

Thank you for your time. THANK YOU for your activism!