Miscarriage of Burden: Day 9

#Day9 of the Miscarriage of Burden: 12 Days of Education and Fundraising Against the Fetal Remains Rule. Today’s theme: the power of plugging in

On December 12, the Center for Reproductive Rights sued the state of Texas over the fetal remains rule. The center’s president, Nancy Northrup, stated, “These insidious regulations are a new low in Texas’ long history of denying women the respect that they deserve to make their own decision about their lives and their healthcare.” On December 15, Judge Sam Sparks ruled that the Texas Department of State Health Services would have to delay implementation from December 19, 2016 until January 6, 2017. He said there would likely be a decision on Jan. 6. Today, let’s celebrate the wins of ally organizations! To that end, if you have not yet contributed, stand with us in making a donation to Planned Parenthood Greater Texas, who works tirelessly to protect our most vulnerable women and families.


If you were planning on attending our December 19 event on the capital steps in Austin, please realize this was always the endeavor of a single enterprising person upon which we were piggybacking. She has moved her event to January 6. If you were already signed up to go or would like to join, please (re)visit the event link below to vote.