Miscarriage of Burden: Day 12

#Day12 of the Miscarriage of Burden Campaign. 12 Days of Education and Fundraising Against the Fetal Remains Rule. Today’s theme: How the fetal burial rule is inconsistent with a holistic commitment to the well being of women and families.

The Fetal Burial bill could potentially cost up to $500 per burial. Let’s ponder that additional cost for an abortion or miscarriage and how it impacts the well-being of families and women. In many cases a Woman’s personal health is at risk prior to an abortion or miscarriage. The added cost will likely add to the number of “Home” miscarriages and abortions, creating additional health risks for those that simply cannot afford the added cost of a burial. Those impacted will likely be the poor, and under insured, who are already at a high risk of danger while pregnant. Do we seek to further do harm to the poor and underprivileged while wearing the guise of moral superiority? If we are truly concerned about the sanctity of life, would we not do everything in our power to protect the lives of women and mothers? Governor Abbot has overstepped the power entrusted to him, in order to do harm to lives of women across the state.

Ally organizations like Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and Greater Texas will be absorbing much of the costs. If you have not yet contributed, stand with us to support these groups who work tirelessly to protect our most vulnerable women and families.