Miscarriage of Burden: Day 11

#Day11 of the Miscarriage of Burden: 12 Days of Education and Fundraising Against the Fetal Remains Rule. Today’s theme: THE (MURKY) FACTS

While a temporary restraining order delays the fetal burial rule from taking effect until Jan. 6, it is remarkable what remains utterly obscure in the weeks preceding. Here are the (murky) facts*:

1. Fetal material from in hospital miscarriages and terminations must be interred either through burial, entombment or other methods.
2. Home miscarriages are exempt.
3. Even cremated remains must be interred.
4. These products of conception may not be placed in a sanitary landfill even after cremation.
5. Per the National Waste & Recycling Association, medical providers will likely rely on funeral homes or crematoriums rather than medical waste facilities, as the latter cannot parse items in medical waste bags or easily inter incinerated or disinfected material.
6. Currently, funeral homes in Texas assist with the burial or cremation of fetuses after 20 weeks’ gestation (or 350 grams weight), when a fetal death certificate is issued.
7. No rules previously existed on fetuses prior to 20 weeks.
8. Michael Land, spokesman for the Texas Funeral Directors Association, stated that previously, services were usually provided at no charge for a fetal death after 20 weeks (or 350 grams).
9. A dramatic increase in the number of fetal burials will be unsustainable as a charitable gesture by funeral homes.
10. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission has estimated that the annual cost to each healthcare facility to implement this rule will be $450.
11. To inter after incineration alone is $500 per bag of medical waste.
12. Health insurance does not cover funeral expenses.
13. Most health insurance does not cover termination of pregnancy.
The (emotional and) financial burden on women, families, hospitals, and funeral homes promises to be substantial from this rule. Sign a petition and deliver it by hand to Gov. Greg Abbott with 650+ other women (and men).


Ally organizations like Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and Greater Texas will be absorbing much of the costs. If you have not yet contributed, stand with us to support these groups who work tirelessly to protect our most vulnerable women and families.


You can also join us live at Strangeways in Dallas for our third city fundraiser TONIGHT from 6:30-9:30pm! See #Day10 for the flyer.