Miscarriage of Burden: Day 10

#Day10 of the Miscarriage of Burden: 12 Days of Education and Fundraising Against the Fetal Remains Rule. Today’s theme: the importance of grassroots efforts

While we have had great success as an organization, raising funds and bringing knowledge to our membership at local meetings, we urge you to consider the power of your own voice, wherever you are, across our great state. One of our strategic ally organizations for this campaign, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast / Greater Texas, was a nonprofit entity for 80 years prior to pursuing political action committee (PAC) status after the Wendy Davis filibuster. This allowed them to evolve into a critical women’s health service organization around the state prior to developing an advocacy wing. For more perspective, look at the modern and enormously and rapidly successful Tea Party movement, which has been transformative because of its decentralization to start. After a forceful beginning in online echo chambers in 2009, by 2011, centralization became important to remain politically relevant. We should all be open to this kind of evolution. As a result of the many voices that have been mobilized against the Fetal Remains Rule (including very importantly those of women who would be affected), Judge Sam Sparks issued a delay on its implementation. This is the power we have, ladies and gents.



If you have not yet contributed, stand with us in making a donation to Planned Parenthood Greater Texas, who works tirelessly to protect our most vulnerable women and families. This can be done online


on tomorrow in person at Strangways in Dallas! See flyer attached! Houston raised $1905, 1,781 tampons, 1,372 pads. Austin raised $336, 339 tampons, 290 pads. Show us what you got, DFW!
If you were planning on attending our December 19 event on the capital steps in Austin, please realize this was always the endeavor of a single enterprising person upon which we were piggybacking. She is currently organizing for a January 6 march date. If you were already signed up to go or would like to join, please (re)visit the event link below for more details.


As for Pantsuiters who were already planning to make a December 19 event in Austin, another wonderful cause to join that day is the Hamilton Electors!