Pantsuit Republic Takes Lead in State-Level Advocacy for 85th Texas Legislative Session

Inspired by the national Pantsuit Nation movement, newly-formed non-partisan group looks to engage the public and take action on key issues impacting the State of Texas

HOUSTON, TX –  Pantsuit Republic today announced it will release key positions on upcoming policy issues slated for the upcoming 85th Texas legislative session. The organization, which emerged as a Texas-specific offshoot of the Facebook group Pantsuit Nation, consists of over 24,000 members and has a stated goal of promoting a progressive agenda to support women’s rights and equality, social justice, political reform, and access to affordable healthcare for all.

“We wanted to create a safe space for those who felt frustrated and not fully represented by the outcome of the 2016 Presidential elections. Almost overnight, that safe space evolved into a platform to positively channel the frustration felt by many on both sides of the aisle,” said incoming Chair of the Board of Directors, Dona Kim Murphey, a physician scientist who is interested in technology and digital advocacy to reduce health disparities among minorities and the economically disadvantaged. “Together, we are committed to regional and state-level advocacy and count people of all political persuasions, backgrounds, and ethnicities among our members.”

The group’s operations are led by Executive Director Dionne Ukleja, a former large-scale project manager and politically-active stay-at-home mom. Short-term plans for the group include partnering with strategic ally organizations to lobby state representatives and senators during the upcoming legislative session. There have been several bills filed that aim to deprive women of agency, deprive LGBTQ people and disabled children of rights, and have disproportionately negative effects on minority and immigrant communities.  Pantsuit Republic will mobilize their considerable numbers for action on those bills. There are plans for a weekly podcast on policy issues and activism beginning in January 2017.

Long-term, the group will remain actively involved in legislative action while running targeted advocacy campaigns through a political committee. These fundraising and awareness campaigns will be in support of ally organizations, local politicians, and state-level candidates who align with a progressive platform as part of the group’s efforts to ensure a more intersectional and diverse public leadership.

The group has several upcoming action campaigns that kick off as early as December 8th, when the group will begin a social media campaign entitled, “Miscarriage of Burden: 12 Days of Awareness & Education,” in response to the recent rule approved by the Texas Health and Human Service Commission and supported by Governor Greg Abbott that requires fetal remains (those from a miscarriage and otherwise) to be buried or cremated.  The social media event will culminate in a demonstration at the State Capitol on December 19th – the day the rule goes into effect.  Interested parties can visit for updates on key issues and opportunities to get involved with organized events around each cause.

About Pantsuit Republic

As a non-partisan political organization, Pantsuit Republic is committed to inclusivity, to increasing visibility and amplifying the diverse voices of our membership across the state and to promoting a progressive agenda to support women’s rights and equality.  We believe that ‘women’s rights and equality’ encompasses advancing the livelihood and well-being of women across color and socio-economic class. For more: