Miscarriage of Burden: Day 3

Miscarriage of Burden: Day 3

From the Chair of the Board of Directors:

As a fiscally moderate physician very interested in accessible, affordable and efficient care, I find the Fetal Remains Rule and House Bill 201 (HB 201) deeply offensive.

The Republican Party of Texas platform states their commitment to ‘the passage of health care reform that results in more affordable healthcare through … a transparent health care system, including tort reform.’ This statement is merely a symbolic gesture, and the newly-passed rule and proposed HB 201 serve no purpose other than to deprive women and their families of privacy and agency.  In addition, the rule and HB 201 provide no details on implementation. This lack of transparency is at best unintentionally dangerous and at worst subversively malicious. For someone who champions tort reform in this state, does Governor Abbott realize the burden he places on taxpayers with this baseless rule?

There were more than $4,500,000 in plaintiffs’ legal fees to fight HB2 (Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt), the 2013 omnibus abortion bill that the U.S. Supreme Court found unconstitutional over the summer. There is NO doubt that if this new executive rule and proposed bill hold, they will generate yet another epic legal battle.   We are struggling with the state budget, unable to support therapy for disabled children, or support robust public education for our state’s youth – we do not have the funds to support a legal battle that the State will inevitably lose. These efforts by the Governor are fiscally irresponsible and arevan overextension of the state into the private lives of its citizens.


Governor Greg Abbott’s “Fetal Remains Rule” as it’s known, goes into effect on December 19, 2016. Pantsuit Republic vehemently opposes this rule due to its harmful emotional and financial effects on Texas women. How a woman handles her pregnancy will vary as much as women themselves vary; but it is inevitably a time of deep contemplation, privacy, and self-care that should only be directed by the person who is directly experiencing it. The cost to bury or cremate fetal remains is currently estimated at $1,000-$2,000, and the rule simply states that healthcare facilities must comply without providing for any funding mechanism to support it. Costs will likely be passed to the patient. Stand with us in saying NO. Speak out against this rule and against the related House Bill 201. Stand with us in making a donation to Planned Parenthood, who works tirelessly to protect our most vulnerable women and families. You can donate digitally (https://secure.ppaction.org/site/Donation2…) or in person (https://www.facebook.com/events/214915562250859/), with events TBA happening in the next week across our state.

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