Who Are We?

Our Vision

A just and equitable Texas free from systems of oppression.

Our Mission

Engage and empower the diverse people of Texas to rally behind progressive solutions to oppression.


All genders and gender expressions
All sexual orientations
All ethnicities
All socioeconomic classes
All ability levels
All cultural backgrounds
All levels of political involvement
Anyone looking to grow and make a progressive difference

Core Values

Equity and Justice

Pantsuit Republic believes that all people are entitled to systems free of oppression. They deserve respect, dignity, equality, safety, and security and should be equal before the law.

Mutual Respect

Pantsuit Republic believes mutual respect is necessary to participate effectively in all aspects of society.Engage and empower the diverse women and men of Texas to rally behind progressive solutions to oppression.


Pantsuit Republic believes that a commitment to personal growth is necessary for social progress.

Radical Inclusion

Pantsuit Republic believes society benefits from the contributions of people with diverse characteristics including, but not limited to, race, color, ethnicity, religion, age, geographic location, sexual orientation, gender, and differently-abled. Intentional inclusion challenges psychological and social structures that marginalize and oppress.


Pantsuit Republic believes each person is a complex entity who interacts with the world differently, according to his or her circumstances. We honor this in our approach to education, community engagement, legislative advocacy and leadership.


Pantsuit Republic collaborates with our members, individual organizations and coalitions.

Transparency and Integrity

Pantsuit Republic operates with integrity, accountability and transparency.



Build community through dialogue between diverse groups to promote mutual understanding. Organize campaigns that support progressive initiatives in Texas.


rovide our members with resources on effective participation in the political process. Identify and support progressives to run for public office.

Women's Equality


Social Justice

Political Empowerment